Botox® & Kybella®

BOTOX® – $12 per unit

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of both moderate to severe expression lines in adults. It can treat muscle stiffness, muscle spasms, excessive sweating, overactive bladder or loss of bladder control. It can also prevent chronic migraine headaches and reduce temporomandibular joint (TMJ) symptoms.


KYBELLA® – $500 per vial

Kybella is the only FDA approved substance to permanently eliminate the fat beneath the chin. Kybella uses a synthetic deoxycholic acid to target the fat cells and gradually kills the fat cells which are metabolized by the body over the following weeks.

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JUVÉDERM Ultra XC – $600 per syringe

Designed to plump and add volume to the lips and smooth out other facial lines and creases such as the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and even depressed areas in the cheeks


JUVÉDERM Volbella XC – $400 per syringe

This specially formulated dermal filler is designed to add fullness to the lips, improve lip symmetry, and reduce the signs of aging around the mouth.


JUVÉDERM Voluma XC – $800 per syringe

Specifically designed to lift and add volume to the midface and cheeks.


JUVÉDERM Vollure – $750 per syringe

Softer and easier to mold for those wanting a subtle, natural-looking correction. This injectable gel is for the correction of mild to moderate facial folds and lines.

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estheticIan SERVICES


One of the many ways to effectively treat issues like hyperpigmentation, sun damage, scarring, fine lines, stretch marks, burn contractors and acne issues. This innovative procedure works by creating tiny, controlled micro-injuries to the skin. The skin’s natural healing process then prompts the increased production of collagen to smooth out uneven skin tone and texture.


Full Face – $300

Neck (Add-On) – $80

Chest (Add-On) – $125

Hands (Add-On) – $80


Dermaplaning - $60

a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion  It also eliminates peach fuzz on the face and neck that can cake up in makeup


SkinMedica Chemical Peels - $70

Illuminize and Vitalize are two of the most gentle and comprehensive SkinMedica chemical peels. After one treatment, skin immediately has a heightened radiance that gets better with time. To even pigmentation, correct minor blemishes, and erase fine wrinkles, acne scars, and sun damage, these peels work well. Incorporating an Illuminize or Vitalize Peel into a skincare regime every few months will help maintain soft and youthful skin.


ZO® Skin Health Vitalize 3 Step Peel - $150

In-office treatment peel targeting melasma, acne, fine lines, rough texture, large pores and dullness, followed by an at-home treatment that produces longer lasting results than ordinary peels. Suitable for all skin types


SkinMedica Chemical Peel - $70


Salt Facial® - $350

The patented three part process turns back the hands of time by first preparing your skin with all natural sea-salt skin exfoliation, followed by deep penetrating ultrasound that delivers hydrating antioxidants and finally healing your skin with high-intensity LED light therapy.  You will see a difference in just one treatment without irritation and downtime. It is the next level in advanced skin renewal therapy.


Platinum Facial - $125

(Cleanse, tone, exfoliate) The three pillars of this medical grade facial

A deep cleansing exfoliation is followed by a custom made anti-oxidant mask, extractions, steam, and massage. Encourage collagen production and speed healing under our high-powered LED light therapy.


Dermaplane Facial - $85

Cleanse and exfoliate with Zo's medical grade products. Then remove dead skin cells, vellus hair, and all pore clogging products with a dermaplane procedure. End the treatment with a face massage, hot towel and ZO's tinted sunscreen.




Brow - $20

Lip - $15

Half arm - $30

Full arm - $55

Half leg - $50

Full leg - $85

Bikini - $30

Brazilian - $60

Back - $60

Pink Intimate bleaching system - $80




Lash tint - $25

Brow tint - $20

Lash lift and tint - $75

Lash extensions - $110

Lash Fill $50 - 2 week

Lash Fill $60 - 3 week

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Vampire® Procedures

Vampire Facial® – $600

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - the part of the blood with growth factors - is first brushed onto the face followed by Microneedling with the Dermapen 3MD.  The Vampire Facial aids in younger-looking skin that will continue to improve for months following the procedure.


Vampire Breastlift® – $2000 – $2500

A nonsurgical, minimally invasive breast enhancement providing lift and restoring cleavage to the breast tissue resulting in the look of a natural “push-up bra” appearance.


Vampire Hair Rejuvenation® – $1200

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp or other area where hair growth is desired, followed by a microneedle treatment to further stimulate blood flow.  This procedure works for both men and women.


Vampire O Shot® – $1200

A nonsurgical procedure that uses the growth factors each woman has in her own body to stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation. Using a very thin needle, the growth factors are injected into the clitoris and into the anterior vaginal wall to elicit improvement in sexual response. Because these areas have been numbed with the anesthetic cream, the woman feels little or no pain.


Vampire P Shot® – $1200

Increases penis size while obtaining a longer, stronger and more sustainable erection. This procedure can make men more fertile. It can also cure problems with erectile dysfunction. This procedure is designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance to men, especially those who have lost function due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, the after-effects of surgery, drug side effects and other conditions such as diabetes.


Lichen Sclerosus Treatment – $1200

Lichen sclerosis is a skin disorder that can cause women itching, burning, and pain during sex. The vulvar skin may appear thin, white, and crinkled. White bumps may be present with dark purple coloring. Plasma is injected into the affected area and may offer relief or heal the skin disorder.


Peyronire’s Disease Treatment – $1200

Peyronie’s disease is a form of erectile dysfunction that causes a bend in the penis which can make an erection quite painful. Injecting plasma into the fibrous scar tissue (or plaque) that forms inside the length of the penis, both the pain and the curvature can be reduced.

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VitaminDRIP® - Hustle

Vitamindrip® "ORIGINAL" $125


A functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to combat a weakened immune system and get you back to life.


Vitamindrip® "ENERGY" $175


a functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluid, electrolytes, vitamins and active ingredients to promote adrenal function, mental acuity, and stress tolerance.


Vitamindrip® "HYDRATION" $125


A functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluid, electrolytes, vitamins before, during and after all life draining activities.


Vitamindrip® "DIET AND DETOX"  $175


A functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluid, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to burn stubborn body fat, detoxify your body to rid it of unhealthy toxins and boost energy.


Vitamindrip® "ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE" $150


A functional IV Injection  providing replenishing fluids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids before, during and after all extreme activities.


Vitamindrip® "RECOVERY" $150


A functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluid, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants to help the body rebuild and rid itself of unwanted toxins.


Vitamindrip® "HIGH DOSE VITAMIN C"  $200


A functional IV Injection  providing replenishing fluids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to boost the body's immune system.


Vitamindrip® "CHELATION"  $200


A functional IV Injection  providing replenishing fluids, vitamins and minerals to remove heavy metals and/or minerals from the body.

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